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Wisconsin has very specific laws when it comes to renting, and not following these laws can have serious financial consequences.  Unfortunately, landlords and tenants often break the laws without knowing it, and face penalties for doing so.

Scroll down to see some of the most common types of landlord/tenant cases that Attorney Hirsch handles.


Rental agreements, by their very nature, are contracts.  These contracts have specific requirements for both the landlord and the tenant to follow.  The top remedy for breaking the terms of these contracts are evictions.  An eviction must be performed properly in order to have a client be required to vacate a property.  

As a landlord, evictions are oftentimes the only remedy for fixing problems with a tenant who either isn’t paying rent, or is violating other terms of the rental contract.  

As a tenant, while it is your obligation to pay rent and follow the terms of the rental agreement, a landlord also has requirements that need to be followed.  There are situations where landlords may incorrectly accuse you of violating the rental agreement, and an eviction may be improper.    

Attorney Hirsch has experience representing both landlords and tenants, so no matter which side you’re on, you can be assured that you will get excellent legal guidance on how to handle your case.  Contact Attorney Hirsch and find out how to best handle your eviction case.  

Security Deposits

At the beginning of a lease, a tenant oftentimes is required to provide a security deposit to the landlord to provide protection in case of damage to the property.  When the lease ends, Wisconsin has very specific laws in place for how the security deposit is to be returned, whether any of it can be withheld, and consequences for failing to follow the rules.  Improperly withheld security deposits are one of the most common legal issues that come up with landlords and tenants.  Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if your case requires a lawyer to fix your security deposit issues, contact Attorney Hirsch.


At the end of a tenant’s lease – whether due to an eviction or just because the term ended – sometimes there are problems that need to be fixed financially.  That might be a claim such as a tenant damaged a window or a door during their rental time, or it might be that the tenant did not pay rent.  As a landlord, you are entitled to recover money from a tenant who caused damage to your property while renting.  And, as a tenant, a landlord is required to prove that the damages claimed are actually ones that you caused, and the landlord is legally allowed to recover.    Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if your case requires a lawyer to handle damages, contact Attorney Hirsch.

Lease Reviews

Since leases are contracts, the moment they are signed, they become legally binding.  This means that any language in the contract – whether you understand it or not – is something that both sides are required to follow.  Oftentimes, confusion arises later on as to whether one side is or is not allowed to do something, or if a lease can be broken due to bad conduct.  Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if your lease requires a lawyer to review it and answer your questions, contact Attorney Hirsch.

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