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The Law Office of Marcus B. Hirsch, LLC wants to make you our focus. Our philosophy is that both knowing the client and positive results go hand-in-hand.  The best outcomes happen when clients understand the legal process and the attorney understands the client. It is this mutual respect that will lead to our shared success.

Welcome to The Law Office of Marcus B. Hirsch, LLC.

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From simple traffic tickets to complex cases, Attorney Hirsch guides his clients through legal processes with excellent communication, patience, and trustworthiness.

Experienced Professional

With years of dedication, a passion for legal work is the backbone of the success enjoyed by The Law Office of Marcus B. Hirsch and its clients.

A Client-Focused Approach

Clients who hire Attorney Hirsch can feel comfortable knowing that they matter – because they do! Calls and emails will be returned quickly, and work performed on your case will be tailored specifically to your circumstances and will be done with respect and presence of mind.



Attorney Hirsch has immense experience and success across a wide variety of legal areas. He will confidently manage your case to a resolution by using that experience to benefit you.

Areas of Practice

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Restraining Orders

Small Claims

  • Civil cases up to $10,000


Contract Reviews & Negotiations



Legal Research


Debt Negotiations


Miscellaneous Legal Questions

Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Workers' Compensation

 We have the most qualified referrals to offer for your case.

Meet Marcus


Marcus Hirsch is the founder and senior partner of the Law Office of Marcus B. Hirsch, LLC. He handles family, civil, traffic, and “light” criminal matters, along with a whole host of randomly intriguing cases brought to him that keep law work interesting. These cases oftentimes start with clients asking, “Do you do (insert strangely unique circumstances and type of case)?”

Marcus grew up in the year-round warmth and sunny tropical comfort of West Palm Beach, Florida, but wound up in the snow and coldness of Milwaukee after graduation from Marquette University Law School in 2015. He is well-known among friends and colleagues for paying homage to his roots by wearing sandals despite the extreme Wisconsin weather until it’s absolutely impractical and borderline dangerous for the health of his feet.

In his spare time, Marcus supports the local South Florida professional sports teams (especially the Florida Panthers and Miami Heat), and as a University of Miami alum, the Hurricanes. He can be found skating for one of his two adult hockey league teams, on a softball field chasing down fly balls in the outfield, or in front of a TV cheering and willing his fantasy sports franchise, The Jabronis, to victory.


Henry G.

Attorney Hirsch listened to me and explained the law so I could actually understand it. He was great about calling and emailing me, and I never felt like any of my questions were too small to ask. I was really happy with the results of my case. I highly recommend Marcus for your legal needs.

Jessica Z.

I have to say that picking Marcus as my lawyer was one of the best decisions I have ever made! From the beginning to the end, he explained every detail and never forgot to call.  He is professional but friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I asked a million questions and he answered them all!!

Jennifer B.

Working with Marcus has been the most stress free and extremely genuine experience I have ever had with a lawyer. I felt like everything I told him was really being listened to and taken seriously. I am so happy I found Marcus, because he really wants to help you. Thanks so much!

Julian E.

Marcus follows up with you unlike most lawyers that just leave you alone and don’t tell you anything. Marcus is also super helpful and very passionate about what he does at the law firm. Couldn’t have done this without you!


Attorney Hirsch was VERY helpful, positive and encouraging! Quick turnaround and I am quite happy with the outcome! Attorney Hirsch is AWESOME & ALWAYS available!! A pleasure working with him!!


I was feeling so beaten down by the broken family court system. I tried to represent myself during a custody battle, and it did not go well. Mr. Hirsch worked with me and went to work right away. He has been working hard to help me and has been doing a great job.


Mr. Hirsch was very helpful and insightful to the matter at hand. Great advice moving forward with my case, and added additional help which he did not have to. Great person and attorney.

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